We are all about nurturing, engaging and enhancing the young generation of today, so that they can discover, develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.





What we do

W e provide soft skill development mainly to students from disadvantaged and impoverished environments that have the potential academically to change their lives but need hand held guidance to navigate the challenges of being a young adult.
An essential component of our programme provides learners with life skills that we believe will have a significant impact on not only building and equipping them for university and their careers thereafter, but also impact the reduction of HIV infections, unplanned pregnancies, drug abuse and violence.
Further our programme seeks to target and manage talent, through our career identification and mentoring programme which is done on behalf of our corporate participant, contributing to meeting our country’s critical scarce skills through to general skill’s shortages.
D3 Programme

Our Programme is designed to nurture, engage and enhance the generation of today for them to discover, develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

How to get involved

D Three

As every one says “every cent counts” and it really does, you can contribute as an individual or as a corporate, from a small monthly donation through to funding 5, 10 or more, learners per annum.

We have a number of schools on our books at the moment but if you feel that there is a school within your community that would really benefit, we will tailor our programme around the school and the learners on your behalf.

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